Christine Fortner

Christine Fortner has several gorgeous plein air pieces - both landscape and floral. She is even offering free shipping! Enjoy!


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"Holly Hocks, Plein Air"          oil, 12”x9”    $325 framed

One of my neighbors has a beautiful yard full of flowers and a fish pond. It is pure delight to be able to paint in her yard on a sunny day.

"Idaho Falls 1, Plein Air"

acrylic, 14”x11”

framed $385


This was the first time I painted the falls in plein air. I arrived to see my painting buddies and realized I forgot a canvas. Thank goodness someone had an extra. With this painting I realized how hard it is to paint outside with acrylic paint. The paint dried so fast that I found I had to work faster so as not to loose the colors I carefully mixed.

"Lily Pad, Plein Air"

oil, 12”x9”    $325 framed


My neighbor who has a fish pond in her yard, was so excited the morning I was painting this because it was the first bloom on one of her new lily pads. I tried to get the translucent light shining through the petals.

"Idaho Falls 2, Plein Air"

oil, 12”x9”

framed $325


This was my second plein air painting of the falls. Using oil paint allowed me to enjoy the painting process a lot more than my prior painting done in acrylic. It is so exhilarating to paint by the river on a sunny morning. The birds are singing and the water falls constant roar and movement is a real challenge to paint. I was also intrigued by the different colors in the water with its transparency, the reflections and the splashing white falls.