Helen H. Farrell

Helen Farrell has completed a series of three Easter or Paschal related works. To purchase or to inquire about others, contact the artist.

Medium: Acrylic  

Dimensions: (Gallery Wrap 30" x 15")

Price: $ 975 plus applicable shipping

Comment: This is the first in a series of paintings exploring the feelings of the Disciples over Easter or Paschal week. While we, of course, usually think about what happened to Jesus during this week, it had a profound effect on his disciples as well.  While usually seen as great and holy figures, largely based on their later exploits and sacrifices, they began this week as fairly ordinary men, fishermen, woodworkers and the like, who were then refined in the terrible trial of this week. 

  As usually read in scripture, the Last Supper took place on that Thursday and can be regarded as having three parts. At its core is the sharing of wine and bread that has come down to us today as the act of Communion; a central part of many Christian services.  Before that, however, Jesus tells them that one of them will betray him.  Rather than focusing on what this will mean to Jesus, being all too human, they get worked up about themselves ("Is it me, Oh Lord?"). The third, and arguably most important part  of this meeting, often glossed over, is when Jesus reiterates his basic message that they should love all men as He has loved them.

  The darkness leading up to Golgotha begins after this supper.     

Medium: Acrylic  

Dimensions: (Gallery Wrap 18" x 24")

Price: $ 950 plus applicable shipping




During the Middle Ages, what we now call Good Friday, the day of Jesus' Crucifixion, was known as Black Friday.  The Synoptic Gospels speak of great disruptions in the physical world (e.g., eclipses. earthquakes, great storms).  The emotional disruption experienced by the Disciples must have been greater.


How could this brutality (and crucifixion was extremely brutal) be visited upon the man they loved and admired the most?  Were they themselves vulnerable?  (Consider Peter's denial of Christ and how few Disciples were actually present on Golgotha.)  It must have been a devastating experience; and how difficult it must have been to maintain faith and hope for the future.    


Medium: Acrylic  

Dimensions: (Gallery Wrap 18" x 24")

Price: $ 935  

Comment: This is the third in the "Pascha" series, and is intended to explore some of the stunned shock the Apostles must have felt on that day.   Many of them may still have been fearful for themselves and all of them must have been grieving the sudden and violent death of their closest friend and beloved leader. Often after a great tragedy, there is an experience of dislocation, of the world having been split into a terrible before-and-after.   Numb and emotionally brutalized, at that moment it must have been very hard to believe that Jesus would come again. 


Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions: (Framed 15 1/2" x 17 1/2")

Price: $ 275 plus shipping if applicable

Comment: While not strictly part of the "Pasha" series, this picture was intended

to carry some of the sense of new growth and transfiguration of Easter Season.