Fish Story    29 x 34 oil  $9500
just shipped to Settlers West Gallery in Tucson, Arizona 

Date Night - Grizzly Style  16 x 20 oil  $2800

It isn't easy cheese and jerky at the local gas station, ladies...he does it right and takes a girl 'out'...SOLD

Enjoy browsing these new pieces...I will post more as I complete them and they are blessed with a frame. All of these frames, by the way, are gorgeous...even those that didn't photograph well. Please request a larger high resolution photo if any strike your fancy!

The Hug,  oil   8 x 10 $600

Red Dog and Mamacita   8 x 10 oil  $600 sold

Marsh Choir - Yellowheaded Blackbirds  36 x 16  $5500

"the Chanteuse"    sorry, just sold  3/15/2020

Mister '76  oil 8 x 10 $600 sold

the horn's the thing...

Mule Race - oil  24 x 36   $7500

"Hang onto your hat, Penelope's movin' up"

this frame is not that yellowish...SOLD

Desert Bighorns  33 x 14.5 oil $4200
just shipped to Settlers West Gallery in Tucson, AZ

Approaching Spring Storm  24 x 30 oil  $6800

when beauty stirs the soul

Young Blackfoot Dancer - oil  18 x 24   $3200

This piece was accepted into the National Oil and Acrylic Painters exhibition  2020

Triple Trouble cougar cubs 19 x 34.jpg

Triple Trouble - Cougar Cubs, oil   19 x 36  $6400

Yep, this has to be one busy mom!