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Mug someone for Christmas!

Mary Ann has mugs for sale from many of her original paintings. These ship well in their own foam box. Most have a quote on the back and the cheery quotation makes it a fun and painless way to send a gift. During these stressful times everyone needs a little lift. I also have cat mugs, floral mugs, a different bison than the one below, mountain goats, etc.   Scroll way down...and not all mugs are pictured so please inquire. I am expecting to receive my Friesian mugs from the original titled "Joy of Snow" and the four horses from "Living the Good Life" about Dec. time to ship for Christmas.


Friesian mugs are out of stock

ABOVE from left to right  "Otter Nonsense", "Red Dog and Mamacita", "Approaching Spring Storm", "Mother's Day", and "Wooly Bully"   The Friesian horses image is titled "The Joy of Snow" it says," Your wings already exist, you only have to fly".

BELOW from left to right: "Moose at Willow Flats", "Marshmallow" (horse) and "Flora and Fauna" (cougar at rest"

mug saying.jpg

WHAT's on the BACK??


"Otter Nonsense" says, "There otter be something good in this cup."

"Red Dog and Mamacita", the bison cow and calf says, "Baby yourself with a cup of the good stuff!"

"Approaching Spring Storm" says, "Have a cup of the good stuff and a mountain high day!" SORRY _ OUT OF STOCK

"Mother's Day", the appy and foal says, "May the sun shine on your world and every day feel like Mother's Day!"

"Wooly Bully " says, "Have a bully of a fabulous day!"

"Moose at Willow Flats" says: -  "Coffee first, schemes later...keep your eye on the prize!" (moose is trying to get the cows attention, lol)

"Marshmallow" (horse portrait) says, "Every day is the best day!"

"Flora and Fauna" (Cougar at rest) says, "Take it easy today!"

These are for sale for $22 each including shipping in the continental U.S. .... let me know if you need one sent and I can invoice you by PayPal or can use a credit card on PayPal even if you have no Paypal acct.


The mugs are $15.00 each for local delivery in Idaho Falls.

To purchase or inquire about other work contact the artist.

These mugs below are not great photos, but the mugs are really lovely! The mug below is poppies, but I also have "Copper Roses" that say "Today's Mood Brought to you by Caffeine"...

The otter mug says "There Otter be Coffee"...

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