Mary Ann Cherry

Mary Ann just received new mugs with five of her images. Just in time for that Mother's Day gift that needs to be shipped right away. Each has a different quote, and would make a fun and painless to send Mother's Day gift.

from left to right  "Otter Nonsense", "Red Dog and Mamacita", "Approaching Spring Storm", "Mother's Day", and "Wooly Bully"  11 0z. mugs


"Otter Nonsense" says, "A bit of otter nonsense makes the day fabulous! Laugh loud. Smile often."

"Red Dog and Mamacita", the bison cow and calf says, "Baby yourself with a cup of the good stuff!"

"Approaching Spring Storm" says, "Have a cup of the good stuff and a mountain high day!"

" Mother's Day", the appy and foal says, "May the sun shine on your world and every day feel like Mother's Day!"

" Wooly Bully " says, "Have a bully of a fabulous day!"

SEND THESE FOR MOTHER'S DAY! These are for sale for $20 each including shipping in the continental U.S .... let me know if you need one sent and I can invoice you by PayPal can use a credit card there even if you have no Paypal acct.


The new mugs are $15.00 each for local delivery.

To purchase or inquire about other work contact the artist.